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About William Poe

Author and artist William Poe draws inspiration for his novels from his own upbringing. He grew up in the American heartland and joined the Unification Church of Reverend Sun Myung Moon at eighteen. He stayed there for nearly ten years, all the while struggling to reconcile his identity as a gay man with Moon's teachings. Poe eventually left the group and pushed back against the ideology he'd at first embraced and then rejected.

After recovering from drug addiction, Poe began to find peace and understanding in his art. He received his bachelor's degree in art from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and his master's degree in anthropology from the University of Nebraska. He worked at the National Museum of the American Indian (part of the Smithsonian Institution) as well as for several government agencies. Poe retired in 2018 and now focuses on writing, painting, and researching his family history.